Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vengeance, Thy Name is Potato

Just today I was [sort of] lamenting the fact that the Danes haven't done anything of real interest lately, i.e., they haven't eaten anything off the counter, from the top of the refrigerator, etc., that warrants posting. I should have known that I would jinx myself in a most serious manner.

I have been super sick recently and Mike has taken very good care of me. So naturally I wanted to show him how much I appreciate his medical ministrations by making his favorite meal, which consists of homemade gnocchi and roasted kale. I made the gnocchi, which took about an hour and a half, then rolled it out and cut it on the counter. Have you ever made gnocchi?!? It's not one of the easiest or quickest meals to make. Then I trimmed the kale, and, thinking the chickens might like a leafy treat, ran down to the coop to give them the scraps. Upon my return to the kitchen - literally less than 30 seconds later - I found the counter top completely wiped clean and Ivy looking only slightly abashed. One solitary gnocchi remained.

So now I am vacillating between hoping that she experiences mild to medium discomfort and worrying that she experiences mild to medium discomfort. Luckily we had her preemptively gastropexied so I'm at least not worried that she is going to explode like an unforked potato in a microwave.