Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Invincible (um, no)

Dear Maker of "Invincible" Dog Toys:

Just because you put the word "invincible" on your toy does not make it a) indestructible; b) inviolable; or c) unbreakable.  If such a notion stood up to theory, I would just stamp the word "invincible" on pretty much everything I touch, especially knowing that I may touch it after consuming more than 200 mg of caffeine at any one sitting, and my life would be full of the things I wish I hadn't broken.

I wonder, who are you talking to here?  Dogs?  Because my own particular dogs can chew through an airplane wing in about 22 seconds (no worries - my dogs are not allowed on airplanes, you are safe).  Certainly you are not marketing to cats - these toys are pretty much twice their size, and if we are talking about my cats, then they are just going to give any dog toy the hairy eyeball.  Ah.  Babies.  You must be talking to babies.  Who have no teeth.

Thank you for letting me figure this out on my own.  Sometimes it helps to put things into words.

Most Sincerely Yours.