Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Angus vs. The Stapler

Angus has been so perfect since we adopted him almost 3 months ago.  He is just this lovely, well-mannered, beautiful dog who does absolutely nothing wrong.  Which is a little sad, because we like to laugh when things go wrong.  But he's sweet and sleepy and we are just in love with him.

Many people ask about the slobber factor in Great Danes, to which I normally reply that they aren't so bad.  They do tend to create their own weather patterns over the water bowl, but other than that, they tend to keep the drool to a bare minimum.  Angus, however, defies all of our previous experience in this area.  We now have weird crusty slobber marks on the ceiling.  We have 20 foot ceilings.  That stuff is not coming down.  It's on the television, on doors, on the refrigerator, on the walls, on the cats.  Last night Angus shook his head and fifteen feet away the product of that shake landed squarely on Uma's head. 

For the first couple of months it seemed that Angus was not interested in chewing on anything other than his own food.  Therefore, I was surprised the other day when I was working up in the studio and looked down to see him trying to eat my stapler.  Let me tell you, it was moist.  There was a definite end result in his mind.  I do not know what it was.