Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Chicks

The coop is now finished, except that I would like to paint some flowers on the front (it is inhabited by a bunch of ladies, after all). Valynne and I painted it all pretty-like. The girls seem very happy in it.

There is still just a bit of work to be done. The fenced run is being built this Wednesday. By the way, the saw on the right was for cutting some trim. It's not for the chickens. I need to move it. It looks unseemly.

One very exciting development is the silkie's ears. As you can see on Ruthie, they are an iridescent blue. Am I alone in my envy here? Granted, the hair and feathers will cover up the blue soon enough. Ruthie is the best chicken of them all. She sleeps in my lap on the couch and watches t.v. with me. Tonight when I took her back to the coop, she started to cry when I set her down. It was very touching. Then she pooped on my shoe.

The lovely Ruthie


  1. This chicken coop is just too adorable.

  2. The chickens are so big! When did that happen? What a lovely coop. I think it's the prettiest coop in the West.

  3. That's not a coop it's a condo and beautiful! Those girls got big quick. Who wouldn't want blue ears?

  4. You chose your colors WELL, am impressed. Are some of the chix Dominiques? That's one breed we have in the History Park.
    Kim reminded me about your garage sale; I woulda gone but today was a REST day for K... hope it went well! really fun seein' ya at Icehouse, LOVE the John Prine duet, fun song. and great to see you at Trinity Irish Pub w/Kimmie; meet ya back there soon for FRIED PICKLES!!!--