Monday, December 7, 2009

The Grinch

I knew this would come back to bite me some day. Ivy's pal at the dog park, Brody (sweet Doberman, same age) taught Ivy to chew on trees, shrubs and various other foliage protruding from the ground. It's one of their favorite pastimes. While other dogs romp and frolic, Ivy and Brody sit and chew. It's serious business, and many a shrub has suffered.

So how did I not realize that this would translate quite nicely to our Christmas tree? The beautiful tree that Mike and I chopped down in the National Forest to aid in fire prevention. The one we dragged what felt like 10 miles through the snow in 20 degree weather and hoisted with superhuman strength onto the top of the car. All 18 feet of it. Yeah, that one. Ivy is slowly and methodically eating it. By the time Christmas gets here, we'll be lucky if the angel still has a place to rest on the top.

I tried to tell Ivy that the baby Jesus was watching. But that just made her throw up.


  1. O.M.G. Am trying not to laugh at your expense...Now I don't feel so bad for the baby tree on our table (up where the Greyhounds can't pee on it).

    Oh, beautiful seems you have fallen in with the wrong crowd at this very young and impressionable prayers are with you all this Christmas (Baby Jesus will NOT be ignored).

    Hmm...I think I am being sacrilege again. Oops. Feel free to edit at your discretion. XOX

  2. No one puts Baby Jesus in the corner.

  3. Lovely tree. Funny girl. I bet she can't wait for the beautifully wrapped packages that will go underneath. They'll be like dessert : )--k

  4. Too funny! Glad you have a nice photo of the tree before Ivy eats it all ....

  5. Is there anything left of the tree by now? Enquiring minds indeed want to know.

    I think I subscribed to receive blog updates...

    Although maybe this way is better cause you get more hits from me, seeing if anything new has been posted...