Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We have new chicks! I got them from a wonderful woman in Byers, Colorado, who operates a hobby farm, Manifested Wings, specializing in breeding and hatching quality birds for people like me to love (no mass breeding here).

Marcheline and Esme are mottled Cochin bantams, supposedly one of the friendliest breeds of chickens. I have what I believe to be a healthy suspicion of this claim after getting the Silkies based on the “friendliest of breeds” assertion. Calliope and Polly are terrified neurotics and Ruthie is a bit unpredictable and, quite frankly, more than just a little scary for a 3-pound rooster. We’ll see how these Cochins turn out. So far, so good.


This is Marcheline. I knew she was a Marcheline the minute I stuck my hand in the box. She is tiny, but she is mighty. Marcheline is French for “warrior like.” Look at that beak – it’s very spear-like, yes? And it comes at you at an alarming speed for her age. Once she’s in hand, however, she calms down.


Here is Esme. Esme if French for “to love.” Which is weird, because I named her that before I knew how cuddly and affectionate she is.

Easter Eggers

Astrid and Hannah are Easter Eggers. So far, they both look exactly like Coco did at this age. I am guessing they will look super similar to her, which is lovely, as Coco used to get many compliments from her adoring fans.


So far, Astrid seems like a normal chicken. No surprises, a little jumpy, hungry, only slightly nervous.


Hannah is a little rolling ball. She looks like a rolling windup toy – it’s pretty hilarious. She rolls right into my hand and doesn’t seem to mind just hanging out there.

Of course Ivy and Milo are interested in the chicks, but so far no frightening lunges or scattering of feathers. The chicks are living in a huge plastic tub in the bathtub for now.

I’m not exactly sure where they are going to live when they outgrow the tub but are still too little to be outside. Mike’s office is pretty warm, but then if I put the chicks in there, I have to weigh that against Mike going to live in a hotel. I’ll keep you posted.

And yes, I realize I am a horrible photographer. Baby animals move really fast! I think I need friend Rachel or friend Willie to come over some day and take good pictures of the babies. Rach? Willie?


  1. Little chickies! I love them :-)

  2. Sweet little chicks! You are brave to let them hang out on white carpet! Have fun with them- it makes me miss Eggbert and Cindy :)
    Love, The Lone M

  3. They really are adorable chicklets. The video adds so much...love the chirpage!

  4. So cute. Hard to imagine they'll be anything other than sweet cuddly little things forever! Nice to "meet" you! I'm a fishie in Marisa's ecourse.

  5. Hello! I am a fellow fishie with you in the e-course! I love it here on your blog! We have 3 labs (hunting dogs) - but our good friend has 2 Great Danes and we adore them! They come over for play dates! hee hee! The chicklets are fabulous!
    Kim 1969

  6. Oh T, that is not carpet, that is a bathtub mat. Can you imagine white carpet in this house?!? I do love you for thinking that is something I could actually keep up with though.

  7. emily, the names you come up with for your chickens are so wonderful!! i especially love marcheline. it's exciting to meet them now so that we can see them grow!

  8. OH MY GOODNESS, THEY ARE LOVELY!!! i think i might ♥ esme best, if that is allowed - what a cutie, sure looks like she could be an awesome cuddle partner. and of course i'll come take photos! thanks for this, i needed the warm fuzzies today. happy weekend!

  9. you have a interesting and unique blog here, i love it! i used to have a rhodesian that could make those jumps too, amazing dogs!
    nice to meet you from the fish bowl, and i'll be back. : )

  10. Hi there how adorable are these chicks! Just wanted to pop in and say hello. I am a fellow fishie in Marisa's e-course - nice to meet you!