Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big Chicks*

Within the past 36 hours, I received this comment on the blog:

“No pressure, but could you post another blog soon? I'm jonesin. Thanks!”

Which simultaneously made me laugh and feel shame, as well as making me realize that my dogs are behaving totally appropriately for once and I really have nothing to complain about regarding their digestive habits as of late.

Ivy did destroy her outside bed, but I think she was just frustrated that it wasn’t drying out (we’ve had a LOT of spring snow). Who can blame a girl for getting violent with soggy bedding?

So it was suggested to me by my friend Valynne this afternoon, inspired while in the yoga position of downward-facing dog, to ask you, loyal readers, what, if anything, you would like to know about life with Great Danes and chickens. Anything? Really, our lives are open books here.

In the meantime, here is a little video of the girls. They are getting so big. I had planned on posting pictures of them that clearly prove the evolutionary link between dinosaurs and chickens, but that awkward phase didn’t last long, and as evidenced here, I am obviously not keeping up.

My girls have rhythm.

*Warning: In searching for my You Tube video so that I could post it here, I realized quite quickly that I should not have titled the video "Big Chicks." Fetishes abound, my friends. People post some funky stuff on You Tube.


  1. So my question is who takes the most amount of emotional energy: chicks, dogs or husbands? You know I always kid, Mike. I hope you'll still let me play with Em when I move back. Also for the record "Big Chicks" rock! k

  2. I love that you had no idea that posting a You Tube video entitled "Big Chicks" could lead you down a completely different road, Em.

    And I really loved the Charlie painting and I know you have other artwork, so I vote to see more of it.

    Also, the video with Mike and Lu - classic. Still in awe that you can post videos - quite progressive, you are.

    Maybe you could take some pics/video at the dog park, and maybe harass the guys - interview them or something.

    OK that's all I got for now, but you know I will inform you immediately should any new questions arise...

  3. Too funny, this cracks me up. I love your painting too.

  4. awww sweet post (fishie) and the video is adorable...I love the title and the fact that you discovered interesting videos under that! Whats it like to live with chickens? I heard they hatch lots of eggs every day! How do you keep up with the eggs do you sell them? Always, wanted my own but have no idea whats involved. Do tell...

  5. Can't wait to hear all about the new addition...that's all I got ta say about that!