Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Thought We Were Over This

I really did. I thought Ivy was pretty much through her chewing stage. The last thing she chewed was the sad shoe all the way back in January. Evidently I was wrong.

I went out of town last week and left the dogs in Mike's capable hands. I was gone for 4 days and Mike stayed home during those 4 of those days with the dogs. However, he was called away to something called "work" and had to leave the dogs home one day. Since Milo is having health issues, and Ivy suffers from some type of syndrome that makes her absolutely obsessed with going outside every 15 minutes, my super sweet friend Kim dropped by in the middle of the day to check on things and let them outside. She subsequently called me in a slight panic, asking if an ingested wooden knitting needle would create much of a problem in a dog. I sighed, said no, as it was explained to me that the needle was really just chewed to shreds, and went about my day thinking that it was a bit of a bummer that I had lost a knitting needle to Ivy's boredom and obvious growing frustration with my extended absence. When I got home from my trip, I saw that Mike had left the knitting "needle" on the kitchen table for me to see, but alas, it was not just one knitting needle. No. It was about 15.

I've had these knitting needles in the same basket for about 2 years now with no problems. Now I just have an empty basket. Oh, the humanity.


  1. Oh, no! I hope you had at least one pair of needles already in a project so you don't have any lapse in knitting time.

  2. OMG!!! It's actually a little sweet that she loves and adores you so much that she's so lost when you're gone. Of course, the resulting collateral damage isn't funny; thankfully she hasn't caused serious damage to herself! Wonder what her next "victim" will be? ;-)

  3. yep,

    if hound's precious routine goes out of whack, and I dare to say, have my hair done when it's walk time, then he lets us know his displeasure

    with similar actions.

  4. As Milo said, or at least said to me with his eyes, "That Ivy does some crazy sh&#!" And if I were really a super sweet friend, I would have cleaned up the mess : )