Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why yes, Virginia, we ARE made of money

I can’t even count how many times people have asked me how much it costs to feed 350 pounds of dog. I normally just give some sort of vague answer, implying that it’s a lot, simultaneously refraining from panicking while thinking of just exactly how much the next trip to the food store is going to cost me.

Things are costing a bit more since we got Ivy. She evidently likes money, as illustrated below where she stole and is eating a dollar bill from my brother's wallet. Thus, we’ve decided it’s just easier to feed her the money rather than go to the pet food store and purchase actual dog food. Cuts out the middleman.


  1. ivy, put that dollar down! *burp* - and here we are considering how to 'make' our own food based on ethics - LONG story, will discuss later. you have a good point, cuts out the middleman. i can't wait to meet the furries! and YOU too of course...

  2. I would like to hear as well, Rachel! So excited to have a garden here come spring, and a couple of CO friends are doing lots of research on homesteading right now.

    I gotta catch up on all of the bloggins...been out of the loop lately.

    Wonder if you could grow something for Ivy that she could just graze on, Em? Kinda like a cow...something that grows at high altitude...

    Ever the helpful one, I know.

  3. i bet gold bullion is tasty too. maybe for dessert : )