Saturday, June 5, 2010

Things Mosey Eats and Doesn't Eat

Now that Mosey has been coming out of his morphine fog, we're seeing some very cute sides to his personality. We are guessing that before living with his wonderful foster parents, he never even knew what a toy was, so now everything is a toy. He is still growling at Milo and Ivy in a seriously snappified manner, but we are hoping he is just fractious from not feeling well and that will pass.

We have never had a dog that won't eat, which is what Moses is doing. I'm afraid he's going to waste away so I fed him almost a whole loaf of bread this morning. When I asked my friend Kim how a starving, neglected, garbage-eating dog could be so picky, she wisely pointed out that he has probably gotten in to quite a few things that made him sick in the past, and perhaps that would explain his finicky nature. Helpful suggestions on how to get a picky dog to eat will gladly be taken. If you can find something he will eat, I will send you a super duper prize. Maybe a Great Dane.

Moses taking after Ivy (either an aspiring knitter or trying to
take down the knitting community one skein at a time)

Moses and Milo not eating each other

Moses helping us prepare for the carpet installers

Moses' idea of being on the bed is being in the bed frame -
less effort than actually jumping up on a bed

By the way, thank you to everyone for your well wishes and comments. I wish Blogger would allow reply to comments, but evidently that little widget expansion is beyond their ken.


  1. perhaps if you disguised the food as other items that are known to be appetizing to Great Danes...

    you could ground up some meat and mold it into the shape of, say,a remote control or a cell phone, and then put them on a coffee table or sofa for the full effect.

    have you tried the old classics? (a bag of potatoes, an apple pie, etc)
    Maybe even a log out of the fireplace or a fancy candle?

    a peanut butter jar lid?

  2. OMG you are making me crack up! You have an excellent memory, my friend.

  3. to get a picky dog to eat: try warming up his food in a small pan on the stove. It releases the aroma and softens the food and just overall makes it more enticing. I saw this on "It's me or the dog" which I watch religiously to help me keep up with my dane/newfie mix. And/or add soft food to it if you're not already (i find canned pumpkin works well). stumbled across your blog through a friend of a friend and love it - good luck! elise (and Mojo)

  4. Oh, dear. This is a tough one. Maybe it is the morphine and everything else and once he is feeling a bit better he will be ravenous?

    We've had pretty good luck with the heating on the stove trick.

    I will admit, we have (out of complete desperation) pretended that it was the food we were eating by serving it from the kitchen table...that actually worked.

    If, by chance you do follow Dan's brilliant advice (I am sure Mike could sculpt a mean meat cell phone), please be sure to post the pics : )

  5. Either browned beef and rice or wet canned food mixed in with the dry kibble and momma holding the bowl always worked for me! ;-)
    Although he's not "severely malnourished," you might check this out:

    Precious, precious pic of he and Milo sharing the bed!

  6. If none of these wonderful ideas work, you could always throw in a pair of glasses (reading glasses, sunglasses, your favorite glasses) with the food. I have no explanation for this mystery, but we both know from experience that it may work!


  7. tom has buddy and lucie believing that green beans are treats. i don't know which of his theatrical skills does the trick, but maybe he could give you some tips. they definitely react in positive fashion to his dramatic displays. i'm sure you can imagine : ) well wishes to mosey. he is the luckiest dog in the world to have found you and mike!

  8. I'm so glad Moses is making himself at home.
    My sister had some luck with raw chicken, bones and all, when her dog wouldn't eat. I fully realize however that may send the wrong message about some of the other occupants of the house.
    Good luck, I can't wait to meet him!