Sunday, June 20, 2010

You Have Got to be Kidding Me

Last night I was hanging out with the chickens, sitting on my stump in their chicken run, getting pecked at by Vivian/Bitchian and loved on by Esmé and Marcheline, and I looked up to see Astrid coming out of the coop. She normally stays in the coop so I don’t see her that often. At any rate, I noticed that she has these looooong iridescent green feathers cascading down her neck, and curly feathers at her tail. She also has a notably red comb. And she is a BIG chicken. This at only three and a half months old. And so I think to myself, “Expletive! More expletives!”

Astrid doing her Sam the Eagle pose

Astrid is a rooster. Thus, she has to go. I can’t imagine the bloodshed we would have if both Ruthie and Astrid were to remain. Since Ruthie was here first, Astrid is the one who will have to leave us. And I’m really bummed because I saved that pretty name for a while and now after only three and a half months I have to let it go. Dammit. Luckily, the lovely lady who runs Manifested Wings always told me that if any of my hens turned out to be roosters, she would take him back. I think I’ll have to do this on the condition that he/she doesn’t get eaten. That would break my heart. And Moses would not approve. He’d rather eat her himself. I’ve seen him eyeing her.


  1. gosh darn it! and he/she's so pretty! k

  2. Not again!?! You could have your own chicken reality TV show...

  3. thinking of you...

    scott p

  4. I think there might be some rooster testosterone in your feed.