Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Yesterday I drove to Southern Colorado to meet Andrea so that she could take Moses home with her and officially adopt him.

Milo and Moses have not been having an easy go of things lately, and Sunday night they got into a terrible fight. Milo did not win. As the emergency vet said, "Looks like Milo starts the fights and Moses ends them." That pretty much sums it up.

If Steve and Andrea weren't the wonderful people that they are and hadn't so readily agreed to take Moses back into their home, we may have been living in a split household, with Milo in one half of the house and Moses in the other. It would have been close to impossible to give Mosey up to people we didn't know and love. But we know that Steve and Andrea love Moses like he was their own, and there is no better home for him. When I called Andrea on Monday morning, she did not hesitate to say that they would love to have Moses again. Thank you, Andrea. You are my hero.

We are completely heartbroken over this, especially me. Milo is Mike's dog. Ivy is Milo's dog. And Mosey was truly my dog. He followed me everywhere I went, and either had his head in my lap or was laying at my feet. I don't know if I'll ever find another dog who I feel so connected to, but being an eternal optimist, I know I'll keep trying.


  1. Emily, darnit - just when I thought I was done crying! Because of you - I will resume (laughing since I only blogged once) my blog.

    And he loved you too - he looked out the back window and wimpered when he realized he was leaving without you. I reassured him he'd see you again.

    You are my hero for making this decision. Can you imagine a more blessed, loved dog? Wow - how lucky is he to have two families who adore him? He's hoping you all will plan a trip to Texas to see him!

    We are thinking of the 4 of you with love and admiration - Andrea

  2. Yes, he is a lucky dog! The tag I ordered for him was a shamrock : )

    We will definitely see him again in his home state. Give him a hug from us.

  3. What a heartbreaking situation Emily, but I know it was the right decision. I too know about wanting a dog who is yours and I'm so sorry you are losing that with Moses.
    I hope that Milo is recovering nicely. You can reassure him that chicks dig scars.
    You are all in my thoughts...

  4. I missed our Wed call (drove sis Em to the airport, etc) hoping to catch up with you this weekend.

    Very sad you had to part with Mosey, but how wonderful that he will be back in Texas with peeps who adore him!

    Can't wait to be sitting across from you, chatting away in between mouthfuls of sesame tofu/tofu sesame! XOX

    PS Will you please show me how to receive automatic new post notifications when I see you? I now know how to link, btw : )

  5. Oh Emily how sad, I think that photo of Moses would make a wonderful painting and may make you feel better:)

  6. Boo, Em, I'm so sorry to hear that Moses and Milo didn't get along! He definitely is a lucky dog to have found two loving families! I'm thinking about you :)
    Love, The Lone M