Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Great Danes do not, in fact, eat babies

As evidentiary offers of proof, please see Exhibits A and B, below.

I have a little feature that lets me see what keywords people type in to get to this blog, which is more often than not pretty amusing. My favorite entry comes from someone who is clearly thinking of getting a Great Dane but has small children and/or infants, or is possibly pregnant: "do Great Danes eat babies?" I would say that if you are worried a 160-pound dog will eat your babies you might be better off getting a cat.

As you can see here, the eating of children and babies is highly discouraged in this house:

Milo and Austin (Exhibit A)

Mitchell and Charley (Exhibit B)

Although Charley is not a Great Dane, he is at least as big as a five-year-old and can be particularly fractious on occasion.

Some of my favorite keyword entries that have directed people to the site:
  • Great Dane eats owner;
  • Bad things about Great Danes;
  • Great Dane eats rocks [yes, I am well aware];
  • Why does my Ridgeback puppy eat rocks [believe me, I wish I knew]; and
  • Dog ate crazy silkie chicken stuffed animal [not just a normal chicken stuffed animal, but a "crazy" one].
And then there was this poor person who was probably looking for Red Hot Chili Peppers song lyrics:
I do feel a little bit bad about that one.


  1. Funny, you are a witty one, sweet Em. I have you bookmarked (FINALLY!), so I am now one of the cool kids and can keep track of your shenanigans. I remember the two of us reciting that song many a time in our youth...why did it lead them to your blog though? Love, Tiff

  2. Nevermind...I figured out why it led them there :)

  3. You know I am going to have to Google "Great Dane Eats Owner" now!

    Are these adorable boys your nephews?

    Um, how do I bookmark you so I know when you have added a new post?

    Oh, dear I am going to have to get the Wordpress for Dummies book back out and actually finish it...


  4. Yes, these adorable boys are in fact my nephews. They are just too sweet for words.

    Maybe try Google Reader? That's what I do.

    and xox to you!

  5. what a great post. i laughed really hard and peed myself. no really. it comes with being 40+ OR i'll just stick to: what a great post. tee, hee.

  6. I found your blog - YEA! And, I am catching up obviously, and laughing out loud as I read this post. You are HILARIOUS!!!! :0) And, I love your blog - such a great writer you are!