Friday, January 15, 2010

Someone is in denial

So apparently this is how Mike goes about not liking the chickens.* It has become abundantly evident to me this week that Coco is somewhat in love with Mike. On the days that he has been home, she eats like a small horse, winks and flirts a little, and tries unsuccessfully to fly out of her pen and into what she believes are his waiting arms (which doesn't actually work because she is so weak. And because his arms are not, in fact, waiting). On the days when he is at work, she pouts.

This seems to be the way of the world. The one who takes care of the animals gets crapped on (literally) and the one who couldn't care less is the one upon whom they bestow their unwavering love. Has anyone else noticed this?!?

Coco is still living in her pen in the guest room.** She'll probably be there for the duration of the winter, so if you want to come visit you may have to learn the love the poultry.

*Mike still firmly asserting that he does not like the chickens, and I do actually believe him.

**Forgive me this little rant, but please don't leave comments telling me that I am crazy for keeping a chicken in the house. Contrary to what some seem to believe, I am not a complete idiot and do practice sanitary and hygienic methods when dealing with Coco. And also, there is no other alternative. And in my own passive aggressive manner, I will delete those comments because they make me feel bad.


  1. Yes, it is my curse that animals are attracted to the non-animal lovers. I cannot explain it.

  2. It's not even that Mike is a non-animal lover. He does love the dogs and other people's pets and animals in general. I think he still hasn't forgiven me for getting the chickens without discussing it with him. It would be like if he turned our living room into an ice rink. I might become a hater of hockey if that happened.

  3. It's the same with kids. I am pretty sure deep down Paul loves animals and (most) kids as much as I (mostly) do...but they flock to him even though I am the one who does the feeding, the cleaning, the nurturing...weird! I will never forget how Ty looked at me his last day here, though...he was such a love.

    I love that you love Coco and anyone who doesn't get that (I feel) is missing out on something big. I think it is sweet that she has a crush on your handsome hubby, also! Seems Lu has a little competition...

  4. do you need me to take care of someone. grrrr. get a grip people. we animal lovers take care of our pets like family and YES, they are our kids. and we use the utmost care to take care of them, make sure that they are in peace in their time of need with whatever means possible.

    OK rach, step away from the comment section. apologies for venting em.